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Our Mission Statement

Here at West Coast Stair Co, we endeavor to build a legacy of fine woodworking by creating staircases that last the test of time. We value function, creativity, and quality. In our efforts to stay environmentally clean, we use reclaimed lumber, non-toxic, and zero volatile organic compound (VOC) products whenever possible. We routinely give back to our community through donations, education, and service.

About Us
May 2010 thru March 2011 361.JPG

The owner and founder of West Coast Stair Co, Jim Pittman, established the company in 1980, after discovering a passion for woodworking in his high school woodshop class. Since then, he has worked for 40 years in construction, gathering a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of his trade and mastering the art of fine woodworking. The company is currently the oldest operating stair company in the Pacific
Northwest. Unlike competitors, West Coast Stair Co is a small custom shop. Jim hand selects some of the finest woodworking artisans and stair builders in the area to custom-build staircases. He ensures that his stairs are of the highest quality--not relying on the methods used in mass production--but instead on his skill and the skill of his craftsmen. A vast majority of the products used in the company’s projects are
manufactured in Jim’s wood shop; West Coast Stair Co designs and constructs everything by hand, custom-made for your project. Jim Pittman is a master of his trade, passionate about the entire process of stair building; from the materials to the craftsmanship, from the joy of creating to the finished product. Their staircases are of the highest mark in both design and durability, and are constructed in an environmentally friendly manner. West Coast Stair Co dedicates itself to the service of the client and the community, hoping to make a positive impact on the world, one step at a time.

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